Our Coastal Family Holiday Card

Wanting to take your holiday card photo coastal this year? Us too! Living on the gulf coast we are incredibly lucky to get the most wonderful sunsets in our big open Galveston Island skies. Capturing our family photo this year was a no-brainer to head to the beach.

You can get as creative and festive as you would like with styling outfits but we chose to incorporate red, green, and white. We added the winning touch with matching family sunglasses. Like, come on, how fun did these turn out!? We absolutely love our Byrds·I Wear matching family sunglasses so we thought why not incorporate them into our photo.

Having a prop took all of our photos to the next level. We didn’t have many photos that we didn’t love & shooting with sunglasses totally eliminated any incoordination of having all eyes open in every shot. Our matching sunglasses are from Byrds·I Wear and it is an awesome and affordable way to make this vision come to life! There are not a ton of high-quality and affordable options out there for matching adult and kid-sized sunglasses so this brand is perfect if you’re looking to replicate this idea for your holiday card this year!